Wannes Thienpont has the amazing ability to synthesize matters on different topics and using this in new ways of constructing.
Clay versus Ventilation / Glassgranulates eliminating Concrete Fundation / Radiation Heating = Still Air / wanovus Coordinating coorperations / Motion = E-motion

You need to (re)paint your room/space and you care about your health and the climate?
That is possible! We advice to apply color finishing Clay as an organic regulator of the inner climate and air quality (IAQ) to increase your health and decrease your building energy consumption for heating and cooling dramatically

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Serious Ecological Construction Materials for serious People with a smile in a less serious shop 😊 

Wannes Thienpont steps into the shoes of BuildingExpert and gives personal Consultancy & Support with Ecological & Natural Scientific Building Technics towards Builders, Contracters, Architects & Building Engineers for BEN-, Low-Energy-, Passive- aswell as Zero-Energy-Houses and/or -Builldings . This is can be Renovation and New Constructions.

This Project is in Construction Phase whereas Ecology, Nature, Art, and Architecture synergetic are being formed towards a Be-Living-Oasis aiming for the Common Wellfare of All.

Under Construction

Roos Van de Velde has been active as an Artist since 1982 creating her own Universe of Porscelane, Lighting Sculptures, Paintings, Clothing, Interior and Gardens. She is therefor a perfect complementary part within SEI


Wannes Thienpont is als wiskundige na het 1e jaar kandidatuur architectuur de wereld van ecologisch bouwen ingestapt in een coöperatieve samenwerking met bouwkundig ir. Paul Eykens en is sinds 1997 actief in deze sector. Ruimtelijke vormgeving, ecologie & energie vormen de rode draad in zijn leven.

Roos Van de Velde grew up in the clay fields of Pajottenland in close contact with Nature. Since childhood she has been busy escaping from the daily grind. Since 1996 on she lives in a barn renovated as home & work place where inside & outside merge into one another. In the same way all disciplines in her creations merge boundlessly with Nature. “Dinnerware, vases, light sculptures, in situ installations, paintings, Japanese folding screens, soundscapes, garden designs, own clothing, jewelry, furniture, … Everything that surrounds her gets a personal touch. “A healthy body in a healthy mind, in a healthy environment”. For Roos the full picture need to match. In this biotope, clay walls ensure a healthy indoor climate and pure essential oils, tea and herbs are part of a daily ritual.

After many exhibitions worldwide, in 2009, Serax produces and distributes part of her personal tableware “Perfect Imperfection” : https://www.serax.com/en/roos-van-de-velde
Her unique handmade dinnerware is used worldwide by the best star chefs in the world. Also her unique light sculptures and paintings are appreciated all over the world.


SEI is Japanese for the word Nature in the very specific sense of “Synergy of Nature & Emotion in Art, Architecture & Design for the well-being of All”


SEI therefor includes all what we stand for and can offer you from garden to construction to interior and art as well in design as technics with nature as the greatest inspiration source

Roos Van de Velde

Wannes Thienpont

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