ClayCare is a public platform for development.

ClayCare can assists you with more information & support, expertise & research about Clay as a natural regulator for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). These services are offered to including Architects, Real Estates, Property Developers, Communities, Governments, Schools, Universities and Research Centres.


We invite cities to apply Claycare to lower energy consumption and therefor local CO2 emissions, bring better indoor air quality (IAQ) for better health to is citizens ans tackle local unemployment.

Cities that apply ClayCare can join us in Paris and/or aiming for the Cities Award at the (final application time 17/11/2019).

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Below you can play a ppt-presentation. For this ClayCare has received an Award for “Runner-Up Solution” at the Climathon Day in Brussels 2019.

ClayCare applied for the Climathon Global Awards to be presented at the changeNOW-summit in Paris on the 30-31/Jan/2020.

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